Apprendre l’anglais au Ghana avec le centre CMC


English Language Proficiency and Capacity Management in Ghana by CMC

vous désirez apprendre l’anglais au Ghana ? grâce au centre CMC faite votre inscription gratuitement ensuite bénéficier d’une formation gratuit en graphisme design avec l’utilisation du logiciel Coreldraw.


Beginner                                                                     In a few weeks:
                                                                      Be able to shop or travel with basic English
                                                                      Know the fundamentals of English pronunciation
 Elementary                                                                By the end of this level:
                                                                      Make simple sentences and reply to simple questions
                                                                      Talk about likes/dislikes, family and routines
                                                                      Order a meal in a  restaurant
                                                                      Go shopping and understand and write basic text
 Pre-Intermediate                                                        By the end of this level: 
                                                                      Talk with confidence (go shopping, book a hotel room)
                                                                      Make conversation in English
                                                                      Write & understand simple written text
                                                                      Understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary
 Intermediate                                                               By the end of this level: 
                                                                      Take part in routine conversations
                                                                      Write & understand simple written text
                                                                      Make notes & understand most of the general meaning of lectures, meetings, TV programmes
                                                                      Extract basic information from a written document.
Upper intermediate                                                     By the end of this level: 
                                                                      Take part in extended conversations
                                                                      Write &  understand most text, including a simple essay
                                                                      Understand most of a TV programme, presentation or lecture, but not technical or theoretical information
Advanced                                                                    By the end of this level: 
                                                                      Take part in lengthy conversations & discussions
                                                                      Write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents
                                                                       Easily understand TV, plays, films, lectures and presentations
Proficient                                                                     To improve:
                                                                       Increase your understanding of the nuances of the language
                                                                       Engage in independent reading to develop your vocabulary further




CMC Ghana’s vision is to become, within the next five years (2020-2025), a widely recognised and accepted capacity development and services institution within West Africa and beyond with priority for language and cultural diversity.


CMC Ghana exists to provide quality and affordable capacity development programmes and diversified solutions for corporate clients, corporate executives, young people, as well as self-employed persons who seek to upgrade their skills.

Corporate Values

CMC Ghana’s values coincide with the 10 principles of the United Nations-led Global Compact, relating to respect for human rights and labour rights, the protection of the environment and an anti-corruption commitment.


Graphic design

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. Use industry-leading tools to build innovative design projects and discover the skills needed to become an in-demand visual thinker and communicator.

CMS Web design

A CMS or a ‘Content Management System‘ quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site – without technical training. Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly. You can also have an unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine.


In this training, you will learn how to make Antiseptic, Liquid bleach, Hand and Dish wash, Shower, Gel, Class cleaner, Conditioner.


  • We offer improved English Language proficiency skills and adhere to quality standards in teaching and learning English.

  • We develop skill sets that allow our learner to undertake a greater variety of work in ICT.

  • We improve our learners’ ability to implement their language proficiency skills through our weekly seminars and debates.

  • We offer very conducive learning environment in a serene location that affects the ability to respond effective teaching and learning.

  • We are sociable and cross cultural. This nurtures the good relationships among our multi-cultural learners and leads to effective learning of English language.

  • Sports is a priority to good health and a sound mind. At CMC our learners get all the best opportunities in sports development.

  • We are affiliated to a reputable institutions who access and validate our English Language proficiency programme.

  • We liaise with parents and sponsors of our learners to ensure the best opportunities whilst learners stay at CMC.

  • Our learners get internship opportunities

  • Some learners engage in on-sight jobs when opportunities arise in our Centre and other companies who do business with us.