Our aim is to make CMC-Ghana an ‘outstanding’ language proficiency centre and also a high performing capacity development, cross disciplinary and a culturally diversified community with a strong sense of inclusion.

To achieve this, we continue to deliver consistently outstanding teaching and learning; and also introduce programmes that prepare our learners for effective English proficiency and vocational skills that enhance their capacities in society and open up job opportunities across the globe. By the end of 2019 we recorded 99% pass rate of our learners of the English Proficiency programme which was assessed and awarded by the Ghana Christian University College in Amrahia- Accra. Among our learners were some staff from the Ministry of Justice and United Nations from Mali. We also collaborated with private Beauticians and Auto Mechanic Engineers to train two students from Burkina Faso who graduated successfully and are currently in practice. Also in the same year about 30% of our learners gained admissions to various universities in Ghana after their English Language Proficiency Training, a requirement for non-English students. The rest went back to their home countries or other countries including Canada and France to pursue further studies which also required English Proficiency. One of our learners is currently the President of the International Students Association in one of the universities in Ghana.

Our Affiliation


CMC-Ghana is affiliated to Ghana Christian University College, which has supervisory roles in assessing our learners and issuing Certificates in English Proficiency and ICT. Faculty and Staff of Ghana Christian University College engage actively in the various levels of assessment considering both classwork, examinations and projects as core products for assessment. Our set of language proficiency seminars, debates and workshops are compulsory for our learners as the University considers it a significant variable in the enhancement of language proficiency skills.

CMC – Ghana has relationships with Oil Watch, Ghana, a civil society group that informs us on current issues in environmental protection, oil and gas in the civil society circles. Our seminars encompasses environmental issues among several others. This has been very informative to our learners and staff.

Equality and Diversity at CMC


CMC- Ghana is fully committed to equal opportunity and we trust that all persons have an equal right to develop and achieve their full potential.  Learners and staff from all backgrounds and communities are warmly welcome at CMC.

We aim to create a place where people are treated with dignity and respect and where we expect and encourage staff and learners to work together to overcome all forms of discrimination, diversity and harassment. 

We anticipate and respond positively to the different circumstances, requirements, challenges and goals of learners, staff and all other clients.  We follow best practices in all of the equality areas and work towards eliminating any form of discrimination and harassment. We also promote equality of opportunity, enhance good relationships and take accounts of people’s differences.